PS2 Implementation

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PS2 Implementation

Cooperation - The lead partner and the partners are experienced in European project work.

Each partner implements the organizational work packages and workshops. Additionally some partners beside the lead partner take over specific work packages for the overall project like the design of a CI, website, publications, social media, etc. Nevertheless all partners work as well with all these kinds of social media, websites, P.R. and publications on their regional level and on European level for their sub-projects.

ps2 implementation 01The implementation of the “The People’s Smart Sculpture” is based on the sub-projects that are carried out in cooperation by at least a minimum of two project partners. These participation projects are implemented over a longer duration – the sustainable integration of diverse people into art processes takes its time. Artists, creatives and cultural activists from 29 European countries and members from the project partners will be invited from each partner into their respective art and participation project and/or the attendant workshops. These workshops are creative meetings for to discuss, prepare and reflect the art process and for informal learning through the input from the European dimension and the diversity of art approaches and people. These workshops are practical a part of the art sub-projects. We will have more than 500 single art activities in the 11 sub-projects and their workshops. Artworks and artists will be in exchange between the sub-projects and the different countries.

Best Practice Guide

Study about participatory art practice. The results of the sub-projects will be documented during the whole process of implementation and during the workshop-series. A best practice guide (study) for participation and participatory art in Europe will be designed in collaboration of all project partners. The evaluation will be accompanied by the ZIM Center for Intercultural Management at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen. The M2C surveys the scientifically oriented publications and organizes the dissemination of the collaboratively achieved results for the extern EU conferences, symposia, workshops and events.

European Symposiums

The project not only organizes workshops, but also invites European experts with scientific and cultural background to 4 European symposia. By addressing the material culture of the past and by contextualizing it within the present needs and wishes and its visions for the European future, the culture of Europe is permanently being inducted into a new circuit of meaning in the form of an intercultural dialogue for the future:
• European Symposium on Participative Media Art for Urban Re-Design
• European Symposium on Participation and Experimental Cultural Learning with Digital Media
• European Symposium on Integrative Participation in Europes Growing and Changes
• European Future Symposium on Up-comming Trends and Chances for Artists and Creative Industries

More info: “The People’s Smart Sculpture” Website