CREATIVE EVENT #4 - 4D – Virtual Urban Art

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The People's Smart Sculptures - 4D Virtual Urban Art Creative Event #4
Date: 25.09.2015

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Location: Small Hall - NI Institute and Museum Bitola

The Creative event #4, part of the project The People’s Smart Sculptures (subproject 4D Virtual Urban Art) was held on September 25, 2015 at NI Institute and Museum Bitola.
Participants of this workshop were 4-th grade pupils from the elementary school Elpida Karamandi under the guidance of their teacher Meri Naumovska (class 4b).
After a brief lecture by Jove Pargovski and Irena Ruzin as representatives of the Institute and Museum Bitola, the children had the opportunity to express their ideas concerning the future look of the fountain in front of the museum – one of the Hot Spots of the project - 4D Virtual Urban Art.

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